October 25, 2012


Hello Readers, 
  Today I would like to take this blog post in a different direction. I want to talk to you about BLOGGER'S WARDROBE! This is a unique website for Blogger's everywhere because they are the only site with FREE SHOPPING. Yes, i said FREE. Not only are they so generous to their Blogger's but they also feature great clothing brands such as:

1.MADE BY NOEMI is a established brand found by Noemi Ivanova. Her ultimate goal was for clothes to remain comfortable. Her headquarters lies in Sweden where her most glamorous of products are made. Her products have recreated a feeling of happiness for women everywhere. Since everyone knows "Your never full dressed without a smile", Noemi makes that her goal in creating such wonderful garments. 

2. FINSK which is a established design brand founded by Julia Lundsten, Her shoes have been shown at various New York Fashion Weeks. Her designs are innovative and dazzle the imagination of fashion aficionados around the world.

  As you can see BLOGGER'S WARDROBE is a renowned site with so much to offer! I am Proud as a Blogger to say that being apart of their team would be a privilege. I think we can all agree they are pretty Amazing right!?! Want to see for yourself..Check them out: http://www.bloggerswardrobe.com/

XO Karissa Fears


  1. Wow, that is an amazing site! I'm totally going to bookmark it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love your style and your blog :) This outfit is perfect :D I fall in love with your looks and your pictures. I follow you now! Maybe we can follow each other ;) Let me know :)