June 18, 2014

VienneMilano Thigh High Review

"I received this product complimentary of VienneMilano for testing purposes"

Hello Everyone, 
    I was very fortunate to receive a pair of luxurious thigh highs. VienneMilano is a hosiery company whose products are made in northern Italy and the stockings range from 8 denier to 150 denier. They sell over 40 products in 20 different colors. These thigh highs reflect the passion of designer Vienne Cheung and the quality shows her love for luxury. 

   These are way more comfortable than traditional tights that reach the waist because you do not feel any binding and they are completely concealable. 

    The following is my feedback of the product: 

  • They have an attached adhesive on the inside that keeps the stockings up! 
  • Very comfortable
  • Come up high on the thigh 
  • Nice Quality 
  • Soft 
  • Versatile 

  •  For myself, this would be a splurge item (I am a broke recent college student as of yesterday)

Bottom Line: 
I recommend this product because they are comfortable, versatile and of high-end quality. 

Do you want a free pair?
    If you sign up for VienneMilano's social reward program and get 10 friends to join. You will receive a free pair of thigh highs!

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Thank you for reading!

xo Karissa Fears 

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  1. Those thigh highs are wonderful!