August 27, 2014

Kings Canyon

       As you can see, Kings Canyon is a incredibly beautiful place. Most of the drive up there my boyfriend and I were and still are baffled that we do not live up there. The whole trip was an adventure from the very beginning, we planned on going to Kings Canyon, literally the day before we left! 

   Along the way driving from Southern California, we passed by Bakersfield and fell in love with the simple life there. If you have ever been through Bakersfield, it is like North Dakota right in the center of California. Apart from the smell of cattle, Bakersfield was one of our favorite cities on our way up to Kings Canyon. 

   Once we arrived at Kings Canyon, we had no prior destination as to where we wanted to camp. So we drove an extra hour into the mountain to look at the campground. We were disappointed with the lack of privacy and decided to do a spontaneous hike after 5 hours of driving and only 4 hours of sleep. My boyfriend had enough energy, however, I on the other hand was EXHAUSTED, there were times where I just wanted to fall asleep on the trail. 

    We drove back another hour and settled on the "Princess Campground" which was very shrouded in trees and had a lot of privacy. However, It only had one hiking trail, so we decided to drive further down the mountain and look for hiking trails. 

    We came upon on these two hiking trails because we saw a car randomly parked on a turn out. If you go to Kings Canyon ever, I recommend staying at the "Big Meadows" campground. It is one of the few Free campsites, because they do not offer any water. However, it was only a 3 minute drive from the longest hikes in Kings Canyon.  

   So, back to us planning this trip days before we went, we were pretty unprepared for the cold weather (it got below 40*). As well, we were over prepared with the food and after our long hikes. We decided the easier the food, the better. 

    We learned a lot about our trip up to Kings Canyon. The 2 most important ones being to find hiking trails before hand and to check the weather!!!! 

Thank you for reading!

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