October 15, 2014

Review: Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

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      Recently beauty regimens have become a fascination of mine. One of my favorite beauty products are essential oils, I was very lucky to be gifted this Tea Tree Oil which you can buy HERE and read about it HERE. Below is my experience with the product. 

    This product came with an E-book with 53 recipes ranging from skin care to household cleaning. This oil is unlike most essential oils because it is 100% potent, there absolutely no dilution in it all. Having it be 100% potent leaves very little room for trial and error. 

   I read many reviews on Amazon of how well it works for acne and the many people who put it directly on a blemish. I figured if they could do it without harm, so can I. 

NOTE: The product comes with warnings to NOT use the product in its full potent state, it writes specifically to dilute it first. 

   Well, curious me tried it without diluting it and it is very strong it has the antibacterial state of Salicylic Acid. However, that is also why skin care products usually have less than 2% in it. My skin later came down with mild dermatitis, so when it comes to blemishes, I would rely on what the company recommends rather than other customers experiences. 

    After my slight failure, I did not give up hope. This time I did use the E-Book and made the Deodorant. Knowing that Melaleuca is antibacterial, I thought a deodorant would be perfect. 

    I have been using the deodorant for about a week now, and I love it. The Melaleuca oil really does eliminate the smell, even after physical activity there was no body odor. 

     I do recommend this product and I highly recommend following their directions and warnings. The bottle is 4 Ounces and will last a year or longer. I am excited to try the other recipes because I love all natural ingredients and I will never buy deodorant again now that I found my absolute favorite recipe. 

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