July 17, 2013

Time Traveling on Horseback

Hey Everyone, 
     So, my last adventure in New Mexico was horseback riding for the First time! It was so much fun and very tough for a newbie like me.
I had trouble controlling the horse because I wasn't aggressive enough, I kept getting scared I would hurt it if I was too forceful. Overall though it was amazing, we all rode the horses to these old Native American caves and mining caves. It was so amazing seeing real Native American writing inside the cave. Also the ranch we rode at Corralitos Ranch was also the setting for scenes from Indiana Jones and we were on the original Mexican border made in 1850. 

The Indian writing means "Water three canyon's over"

 I was wearing: 
Sunglasses......Cole Haan
Blouse............Forever 21
Pants......Charlotte Russe

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xo Karissa Fears 

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Photo Credit: Starr Schneider 


  1. Amazing pics ! Looks like so much fun :)
    and you look very pretty !

  2. Wow, amazing pics!
    Thanks for sharing with us!!!
    Please, visit my blog soon =)

  3. Cute outfit! I love horseback riding :)

    -Allie @ LunaVida