August 14, 2013

Ocean Beach Pho

Hey Everyone, 
  So this day was a trip to the coast completely out of our way just to eat at this restaurant called "OB Noodle House" at Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA.
The reason for this madness is because we (My parents and I) watch this television show called "Diner's, Drive in's and Dives" on the Food Network Channel. The food looked absolutely amazing and if it was on the TV show then you know it was delicious food! We went and it was packed, we had to wait 40 minutes for a table. I RECOMMEND going this restaurant and ordering the Spicy Hot Wings, Fried Rice and Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps, and of course Pho!!! I'm going to be honest, I'm totally open to trying all kinds of new foods, in which I did, this was my first time Pho....However, it just was not my thing, I guess I'm picky with the broth I like. My parents absolutely loved Pho and we are definitely going back to the OB Noodle House.  


Cool Car!

I was wearing: 
Sunglasses... Cole Haan 
Knit Top........... Similar 
Shorts.......... Forever 21

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  1. I absolutely love the fact that you guys drove out of your way for a restaurant, that is so fantastic!

  2. Wow! superb pics seems like you enjoyed alot stay blessed :)