February 8, 2015


Hello Everyone, 
   This was at White Sands where there is you guessed it, unexplained dunes of sand in the middle of the desert. The story behind it, is that this was once a lake and all the water disappeared to show these glorious white sand dunes. You would think then perhaps there would be an indentation in the ground showing the perimeter of this lake, but instead you have flat land with dunes, upon dunes of white soft sand and sandstone of course! 

   New Mexico has many whimsical features about it, such as; ruins in their mountain tops, a strong native american presence, craters from where asteroids have hit, Geronimo's route, top secret NASA headquarters and Roswell. The nice thing about the desert landscape is everything stays so perfectly preserved and history is always cherished in these places. 
(Whole outfit is Forever 21)

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