September 24, 2012


 Hello fashion aficionados, Today i would like to tell you about a trip i took a while ago to the Amazon rain forest in South America. I am fortunate that i get to travel with my family so much. This trip however was more than just a vacation, it was a adventure. My mother is from Bolivia, which is a country right  in the middle of South America. It was amazing being able to see where my mother grew up , and seeing all the places she would tell us about. One of the most amazing things about the trip was of course seeing the Amazon! 

My Inspiration (All Rights Reserved): 

My Sketches of  Amazonian Women (All Rights Reserved): 

  My adventure to the Amazon is a once in a lifetime trip for most people, i am so fortunate that i can go back. The land in the Amazon and Bolivia are so beautiful and so exotic. I even saw a Blue Morpho butterfly that was bigger than my head.  Being there was like being in a dream, with the monkeys, exotic plants, birds and of course the Amazon river. 

P.S. The Green dress will be made for the "Karissa Fears" Online store. Red dress, will be made upon request as well as with the gown from Indian Summer. 

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xo Karissa Fears

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  1. Amazing sketches!