June 20, 2013

Desert Heat

Hey Everyone, 
     Today was definitely a day for comfortable clothes because we spent it at the Las Cruces Swap Meet. It was fun to see all of the Native American Jewelry, however a lot of it was out of my reasonable price range. Something I noticed at the Swap meet was that in almost 100 degree weather, the people out here love to wear denim pants. I can barely survive the heat in shorts, so I'm very jealous of the people who can withstand this weather in Pants! So far my journey here has been fun and I can not wait to share more with you, for sneak peeks you can follow me on Instagram @KarissaFears. 

I was wearing:
Sunglasses.........Cole Haan
Shorts........Charlotte Russe
Handbag.........Michael Kors

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Thank you for reading, 

xo Karissa Fears


  1. Those shorts are fabulous! Love them.

  2. You looks stunning and gorgeous still on this hot weather :)