September 21, 2016

Gila Cliff Adventure: Part 1

Hey Everyone,

  I would like to tell you of my adventures to the Gila Cliff Dwellings in Silver City, New Mexico. Our point of origin is Las Cruces which is a 2.5 hour drive from Silver City, Our road trip starts out fun and beautiful.......... Until I navigate us 1 Hour in the WRONG direction! We were in the correct mountains but headed towards some place called Glenwood. My GPS had us going to Gila Road instead of Gila Monument..... The drive was scary to say the least. 

  It was an unpaved, narrow dirt road on the side of a mountain, there were short dirt driveways with beer cans and torn up couches, and NO signs anywhere! oh yah! NO CELL SERVICE! My GPS stopped working on me, it was nearing 4 PM. We were on this scary road in the middle of nowhere with not much gas.  

  We decide to turn around after an HOUR of driving because there is a clearing and thank goodness we make out of that scary road and I finally navigate us to Gila Monument! We are relieved that we are finally going in the correct direction. 

  On our way there we see a sign that says "Gila Monument Closes at 4" We were not even up the mountain yet, we had to drive fast but careful because each rode was beautiful but terribly winding and narrow (PICTURED ABOVE) but at least they were paved. 

   We were up the mountain and finally arrived to the Gila Monument which was closed..... But hey we drove 2.5 hours practically 3.5 due to my terrible navigating, we were not going to turn back. We spontaneously decided to camp, completely unprepared with NO food, shelter or clothes!

Below I will share the rest of our adventure with a corresponding photograph. 
 Along the winding rode was a HUGE clearing with this view, we were amazed by how the red rock complemented the surrounding greenery
We stopped when we saw this structure that told of Geronimo's Tribe and how they ventured through the Gila Mountains which was nearly 500 acres 

On the hunt for a camping spot we came across some beautiful hideaways tucked in nature

Rivers are meant to be crossed and land is meant to be explored
Found our camping spot! It was beautiful and very cold (This was the view)

We found a little store tucked in the mountains with very high prices! The ranch style beans which are normally 89 Cents was $4.00 and the Vienna sausages which are also a few cents were $3.50
We had no way to make a fire, no lighters.....Totally unprepared!

Ahhhhh! FIRE!
BEST feeling ever, we can eat and endure a Freezing night!
(This fire was cautiously made with Jumper Cables...Do not try this at home!)

   It was indeed a very cold night, I had to use my skirt as a blanket and woke up several times due to the cold. We slept in the car and only put the heater on once because gas was low and there were no gas stations!
   There was also this creepy white van in the camping spot and that scared me because when I'm in the mountains, I always think about the Mountain People from the movie Deliverance and think they are going to kill me! (I know....weird) It was going to be a very long night...........

Thank you for reading!

Stay Tuned for Gila Cliff Adventure: Part 2 

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