September 23, 2016

Gila Cliff Adventure: Part 2

Hello Again, 
    Welcome to Part 2 of my Gila Cliff Adventure! On this day we had a natural 6 AM wake up call which was easy considering I was practically awake all night! We had bought a travel size .85 oz Toothpaste which is usually 50 Cents but was $5.00 at the little store I mentioned earlier. We shared a toothbrush which was a first for us....Hopefully a last because I am a germ freak! 

Below I will share my adventure with corresponding photographs!

By this time we drove to the official Gila Monument entrance and I was so over being in a car and ready to experience some Mogollon Native American culture! 

This bridge is the official entrance into the past, 700 years to be exact!

  From this viewpoint we can see the Cliff Dwellings, so close yet so far!

  After a long journey we stopped to take it all in! 

 A close- up view of a wall of one many Native American homes inside the cave dwelling
This was once a home for 2 families (notice the 2 bonfire pits)

Looking into more homes

Dancing where the Native Americans once danced

Adventure Selfie!

We were so happy that we finally made it to the dwelling!

    The Gila Cliff Dwellings were an adventure to get to and be at! It is amazing that these homes were built 700 years ago and have stayed in such great condition. The Mogollon Tribe was intelligent and beautiful, the dwellings had a natural heater and air conditioner, and has 42 rooms! I would definitely move in! 

Thank you for coming on this adventure with me! 

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