December 4, 2013

Wallis Annenberg Inaugural Gala

Above: Josh Duhamel and I 

 Above: Alexis and I 
 Above: Alessandra Ambrosio 
Above: Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese 

Above: Vittorio Griglio and the Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Preview 

Hey Everyone, 
      So not to long ago, My friend Alexis (also an upcoming designer) and I got the chance to attend the Wallis Annenberg Inaugural Gala in Beverly Hills, and it was a breathtaking display of art. The grounds of the center are beautiful and historical yet modern with their new garden patio which is whimsical. As some of you might now the art center is a newly reformed post office. They kept the original designs intact with floor to ceiling marble. Their was a show put on earlier in the evening by a dance company, and the show was about all the early WW2 letters that would be received there. To each letter was a dance performance, and theatrical singing. Later in the evening was the gala dinner where Ferruccio Ferragamo spoke about his journey coming into the fashion world and the inspiration that brought him there. After that he presented the guest with the beautiful live performance of Vittorio Griglio that literally made the audience put their hand on their heart because his voice is so passionate. Along with Vittorio was the first ever exclusive sneak peek of Salvatore Ferragamo's Spring 2013 collection. 

Overall, the night was a success and one I was so proud to be at. I can't wait to see what other exhibitions will be appearing at the Wallis Annenberg Art Center. 

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Photo Credit: Alexis Pardini

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